Kalia Lyraki specialises in session work for ‘Ancient, Folk and Contemporary Eastern Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Instruments and Voice’. With extensive experience in the world of film, TV, and videogames, she excels in the roles of recording artist, composer, and producer. Based in London, Kalia records from her home studio, facilitating remote recordings, and is readily available for on-site sessions in the capital and beyond.
Kalia brings a wealth of skills and attributes to any creative project. Her friendly and collaborative nature fosters a productive working environment, while her commitment to efficiency ensures timely project delivery. Proficient in sight-reading and possessing a deep understanding of a wide range of world music traditions, Kalia enriches projects with her technical expertise and cultural insight.


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  • Ethnic/traditional/epic/ethereal/cinematic vocals
  • Languages and traditions: Afghan (Pashtu, Dari), Arabic, Aramaic, Armenian, Azeri, English, Greek, Ancient Greek, Greco, Hungarian, Italian, Kurdish, Ladino, Spanish, Turkish as well as made up language.
  • Alto voice with a 3 ½ octave vocal range, from Ab2 – F6.

Middle Eastern (Arabic)


  • Nay (reed flute), sets in A, Bb, B, C, D, E, F, G, A, Bb, B, made by Atef and Rahal
  • Kawala, in F, G, Ab, A, C, D, made by Atteff
  • Arghul


  • Daf/Tar/Bendir (frame drums), various sizes and tunings, made by Cooperman and David Roman




  • Ney (reed flute), made by Mehmet Yucel


  • Lavta (lute), made by Dimitris Rapakousios


  • Bendir (frame drum), various sizes, made by Meinl




  • Kaval, in D and C made by Panagiotis Zikidis




  • Thiaboli (recorder), in C, D, E, G, A made by Damianos Vasilakis, Nektarios Stamatelos, Antonis Stefanakis
  • Mandoura (pipes), in F made by Damianos Vasilakis
  • Askomadoura (bagpipes),made by Manolis Skoutelis


  • Bulgari (saz), made by Dimitris Rapakousios


  • Daoulaki (davul drum), made by Yiannis Robogiannakis


Ancient Greek


  • Syrinx (panpipes), in C major by Gewa
  • Aulos (double pipes), by Antplat
  • Kochlos (conch shells), various ranges by Antplat and handmade


  • Lyre
  • Lyre Harp (Anglo – Saxon type) by Michael J King
  • Kithara (harp)


  • Krotala (castanets)
  • Seistron (rattle)
  • Tympanon (hand drum)




  • Flute, Silver Yamaha 581 Flute
  • Baroque Recorder, Soprano Olivewood Moek Rottenburgh
  • Tenor Recorder, Wooden Ariel

Video Games

‘Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey’, by Ubisoft, 2018, composition and recording Ancient Greek instruments

‘Assassin’s Creed: Origins’, by Ubisoft, 2017, composition and recording Ancient Greek instruments

‘Runescape: Menaphos’, by Jagex, 2017, voice and nay session recording

‘Total War: Rome II’, by SEGA, produced by Creative Assemble, 2013, Ancient Greek vocals


Film & TV

‘Never Let Go’, written and directed by Howard J.Ford, nay on original soundtrack composed by Imran Ahmad, 2015, (National Film Awards 2016: ‘Best Independent Film’, Artemis Film Festival, LA 2016: ‘Best Film’, ‘Best Director’, ‘Best Actress’)

‘Sappho: Love and Life on Lesvos’, produced by Maya Vision for BBC 4, 2015, ancient Greek vocals

‘Pampers’ advertisement, nay in original music composed by Attab Haddad, 2012

‘Ben Hur’, mini-series produced by ABC, 2010, nay in original music composed by Rob Lane