Kalia Lyraki offers private lessons in Arabic Nay and Eastern Mediterranean and Middle Eastern vocal coaching. She teaches online internationally and in her London studio.
She is nay tutor at the School of Oriental and African Studies and leads workshops for music courses and retreats. She also mentors students for Performance modules in Undergraduate and Postgraduate Music courses at the School of Oriental and African Studies and Goldsmith’s College of Music.

Nay/Ney classes are tailored to enhance skills in breathing, fingering, and cultivating a diverse repertoire spanning Arabic, Greek, and Turkish regions, encompassing folk, classical, and contemporary styles. Emphasis is placed on taqsim (improvisation) and an understanding of maqam (Middle Eastern modal theory). Lessons are adaptable, accommodating both notation-based and aural learning methods. Drawing from her tutelage under esteemed neyzen (master nay players) and informed by her background in the Western Flute, Kalia blends traditional teachings with contemporary insights to enrich the learning experience.

Tutorial on ‘How to Get a Sound on the Nay’

Tutorial on ‘Nay Fingerings’

Vocal classes cover practical aspects of singing such as: stylistic use of the voice, understanding maqam (Middle Eastern modal theory) and iqa/usul (rhythm) as applied to singing, pronunciation and meaning of lyrics, vocal interpretation of text and expression, mawal (vocal improvisation), healthy singing technique and vocal hygiene. Varied repertoire is studied, based on each student’s interest (Arabic, Greek, Turkish, Sephardic). Her teaching is based on re-transmitting the aural knowledge that she received from vocal masters whom she studied with, as well as applying more modern approaches to singing that she learnt from vocal coaches.

Choral leading ‘Fones’, London Greek Choir

Choral leading ‘Fones’, London Greek Choir

Kalia comes from a family of educators and is passionate about the transmission of knowledge. An eternal student herself, she has a first-hand understanding of adult education and is dedicated to guiding students from novice to masterclass proficiency. In her lessons she seeks to bridge the gap between the traditional disciple-master aural learning approach and contemporary teaching philosophies, to achieve optimal performance outcomes. She has developed a methodology inspired by the techniques of Julia Cameron (The Artists Way), Timothy Gallwey and Barry Green (The Inner Game of Music), and Joshua Waitskin (The Art of Learning). Through principles such as accelerated learning, deconstruction, and un-learning, she crafts a personal pedagogy that empowers students to unlock their full potential.

For further insights into Kalia’s educational journey, please visit the ‘About‘ section of the website.

“I received a 1st for my ‘Performance as Research’ module, and it was by far my most favourite experience singing and learning from you!”
Eliza Legzdina, MA Music student, Goldsmith’s College, London

“Sometimes I hear one of the songs you taught me sung in a taverna (in Greece) or even in the street and it gives me great pleasure to know the music!”
Helen Fost, Healer, Astro Life Coaching, London

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Kalia delivers workshops in Eastern Mediterranean and Middle Eastern singing and nay. Institutions that she has taught at include:

  • Universities: Royal College of Music, Anglia Ruskin University, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of Sheffield, Goldsmiths’ College of Music
  • Museums & Arts Centres: The British Museum, Barbican Centre
  • Festivals: London Rebetiko Festival, St.Ethelburga’s Centre Women’s Festival
  • Holiday Retreats: Skyros Holidays Greece, An Sanctoir Ireland
  • Schools & Music Academies: Taqsim School, Pembroke Music Academy, Whitefield School, Westminster City Boys School, Acland Burghley School, Montem Primary School, St.Edmund’s Primary School